The Manhattan
Saturday, Sept 10th
10am – 12am

Walk the whole day
Walk part of the day!!

Either way, join us for this radical, community art event that celebrates the city of New York.

Approximately 15 miles of walking, over the course of 14 hours


Tour guides!
Public Art!

All this for only $20!
Click here for tickets.


It's the 3rd Annual Manhattan Wonderwalk! Come join us as we stroll nearly the entirety of the great Island of Manhattan. We will visit familiar spots and little known pathways; we'll see gorgeous public art and mundane displays of beauty. There will also be site-specific performances along the way. You may walk part of the way or all the way, just buy your map for $20, and you'll be able to find us at any point throughout the day. (NOTE: tickets are $10 for Secret City members.)

We'll start by stretching together at 9:30am, up in Inwood Hill Park, departing at 10am sharp. We will follow a thrilling path of adventure, ending at the middle of the Brooklyn Bridge at midnight. That's a 14-hour walk. With breaks and amazing surprises all along the way.

Look at highlights from 2009's Wonderwalk

Wait, do I have to walk all 14 hours?

No. This is where the Secret Map of the Wonderwalk comes in. Everyone who purchases a ticket to the walk (only $20!) will receive a detailed map with specific times and locations allowing you to come and find us at any stop along the way.

So, how do I get a map?

The week of the Walk, you will receive an email containing the Map. The Map will excite you with possibilities (Uptown or Central Park), it will entice you with choices (Dancers? Tour Guides? Unknown paths?), and it will delight you with options (Late morning? Early afternoon? Midnight?) Regardless of your decision, you may rest assured that you are coming along on what is going to be an extraordinary adventure.

(By the way, children 12 and under walk for free.)

There are going to be performances along the way?

Yes! This is one of the things that makes The Wonderwalk so wonderful. We are a community of artists and art lovers, so the walk will have musicians, dancers, and other acts performing for us throughout the day.

What about food?

Food is NOT provided. If you're joining us for the 10am departure, plan on having breakfast before you meet us. For lunch, we will have a lunch break at 12:30pm. We're hoping to co-ordinate with some food trucks to meet us at our lunch stop, but you might also want to bring your own. You will have time to eat dinner somewhere downtown. Then we'll reconvene and dash off to make it to the Brooklyn Bridge by midnight. It's also a good idea to bring snacks and nuts and energy bars.

Other things you might be wondering...bathrooms? We do our best to plan the map with public bathrooms along the way, but you might also duck in if you see somewhere convenient. Get it while and where you can. Water? Bring a refillable water bottle, and refill as we go. Oh, and definitely wear good walking shoes.

Why are you doing this?

The Manhattan Wonderwalk is a community art ritual that celebrates the everyday beauty of where we live. It invites people to engage in the old fashioned practice of strolling, while also taking part in a group activity. You'll be surprised at how meaningful it is to walk the streets and parklands of this great island with a large group of people. Throw in some interesting performers and what's not to love? The walk actually has a transformative effect. People notice that they see the city differently afterwards. And maybe they see themselves a little bit differently afterwards, too. The Manhattan Wonderwalk is also the season kick-off for The Secret City.

What's The Secret City?

The Secret City is an Obie Award winning arts organization dedicated to serving the human, social and spiritual needs of artists. We do this by creating and providing live, interactive programs that engage a growing community in restoring the sacred tools of art making. Our primary program is our monthly service, which takes place the last Sunday of every month. Our services are joyful, irreverent gatherings featuring guest artists, live performance and radical community.

So, what do you think?

What is it Walt Whitman said? "Who will walk with me?" I hope you will. You won't forget it.